Keeping Yourself Accountable

Often I get asked “How can I keep myself on track? One little taste of something and anything I worked toward is gone!”

Holding yourself accountable can sometimes be a difficult task but today I am going to give you THREE of my favorite tips.  They are easy and do not require a lot of work but doing so can help keep you on track.

1.  Advanced meal prep – Pick one day of the week and create your weekly menu.  Write down everything you want to make and what ingredients you will need to buy from the store.  Plan out each day’s menu to make sure that you have enough food to last you for the week.  For me, planning usually starts on Saturday with my menu and on Sunday I go shopping and cook in the morning.  I portion out each meal so that everything is ready to go for that particular day.  Labeling everything is also key.  By portioning and labeling you can ‘grab and go.’  You have no idea how much time this will save you in the morning.  Before I did this I had to play the guessing game for a half hour as to what I was going to eat all day.

2. Buy a little notebook/journal – Write down everything you eat throughout the day.  By writing everything down you will see what is going in and if it is something you really want in your body.  It is like the saying “if no one sees me eat it then I never ate it.”  Well even if no one saw you eat it they can see your book and know that you had it.  Buy a book that you would actually want to look at.  I got a really cute journal from Target for under $5.  Not only does the outside have a nice design but each page does as well.

3.  Find a buddy – When has a buddy system failed you?  Not too often I suspect.  Whether your friend is on track to a healthier lifestyle or just living the life let them know you need some help and assistance.  It may be easier to find someone who is on the same path as you just because they will understand what you are going through.  If the person you choose is not on the same path maybe you can change their perspective of a healthy lifestyle and get them to be.  Get in touch with them daily, several times a day, if you can.  This works along the lines of a journal because someone else will see what you are doing so slipping up is less of an option.  Are you in need of an accountability partner?  Send me a message and we can set up a way for me to be your buddy.


How do you keep yourself accountable?  Leave a comment with some tips.




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