Food, Inc.

This past weekend I finally caved and watched the documentary ‘Food, Inc.’  I was always hesitant on watching it because I had heard what it was about.  Due to my limited diet I didn’t want to limit it any more by watching.220px-Food_inc

Over the summer I became a vegetarian and I knew if I watched ‘Food, Inc.’ before the fact I would immediately become one.  At the time when it came out I was not ready to give up meat (if this documentary was going to make that happen).  Due to my body yelling at me every time I ate it I knew it was the right time.

But back to the doc.  On Saturday, I went to my boyfriends and he was telling me how he found these great documentaries on Netflix.  One was ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’ which I have seen and the other was ‘Food, Inc.’.  I immediately told him I saw FS&ND but not the other as well as my reasoning why.  It made the meat lover in him worried but we gave it a shot anyway.  It did take us two days to watch but only because we had plans and not enough time to sit.  We both sat in fascination on the food industry and what different corporations are allowed to get away with when it comes to production. They say you have to see it to believe it and this could not be more true from watching.  The fact that only a few corporations has the ability to control so much is insane!  I had an idea that this was the case but sadly never did my research.

What I took away from this is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Learn what you are eating and question!  I always ask questions when I go out to eat.  Yes, I am that pain in the neck restaurant go-er that asks questions and changes things.

Have you watched ‘Food, Inc.’?  What are your thoughts?  What other documentaries have you watched that I should see?

Today, a Facebook friend of mine posted a link to this article titled “How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries” which was a main inspiration to this post.  You can read the article here –


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