Smile as if no one is watching

“Make someone smile whenever you can,
you never know how much of a difference
you could be making in their life at that moment.”

This post came to me last night when I was out in NYC with a friend for a delicious hummus dinner at The Hummus Place and great music from Zane Carney at Rockwood Music Hall (all of which you should check out!).

Reasons Why You Should Smile –

* You woke up this morning and are alive!  Shouldn’t you be smiling because you have life?

* Carrying yourself with a smile will brighten your day (I can almost guarantee it!).

* Smiling makes you look more attractive to others.  If you don’t have a smile on people may think you are not nice and friendly (unless of course you aren’t!).  Back when I was in college I had an early morning class and was waiting outside the room for the door to open.  A few other classmates were waiting with me and one (after we got to know each other and become friends) said to me ‘you know, I thought you were mean because you were not smiling and now that I know you I know it is far from the truth.’  I actually apologized to the person for not smiling.

* Smiling can lead to laughing which will cause you to burn some calories and also boost your metabolism!  Who wouldn’t want this to happen?

* A smile is contagious!  If you are walking around smiling it will make others do the same.  Haven’t you heard of a little game called ‘Follow The Leader’?  A little side not on this – A year or so ago I went to a taping of ‘The Chew‘ and was visible to the camera.  For the entire taping I had a huge smile on my face.  When I got home and some people (not mentioning names) watched it they asked me why I was smiling so much.  Why wouldn’t I? I was seeing a taping of one of my favorite shows ,I was on TV, and they told you to look happy.  Would America want to see me looking sad?  I had no reason to be sad.  Right then and there I pretty much justified my smile with those that were asking and they started to smile!

* I don’t know about you but I want to live for a long time!  Smiling can help to increase your life expectancy!

* No matter what you think there is ALWAYS something to smile about.  Even if you are having the WORST day ever I am sure you can find something that will bring a smile to your face.  If you claim you can not go on YouTube and watch a video of some cute little animals, babies, a clip from your favorite TV show or movie, or millions of other things that are smile worthy on YouTube!

And should you need help on finding any of those videos here is a link to one.  This morning on Good Morning America they had the Wire Fox Terrier that won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show yesterday.


“A smile costs nothing, but creates much.
It enriches those who receive,
without impoverishing those who give.
It happens in a flash and the
memory of it sometimes lasts forever.”
Dale Carnegie


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