What Do You Wear?

Are you ever curious as to what people wear when they are at the gym?  Do you feel you have more exercise clothing than regular clothing?  If you said yes to both of these questions well I will share with you how you can update your closet!  If you are like me I am always curious what the latest fitness apparel is out there.  Even though I am always curious I am always on a budget so I try to find the best items for my money.  Here are some of my favorite fitness items that I can usually be seen wearing or carrying with me to and from the gym.  Included with each product description will be a link as to where you can buy the item.


A- Yoga Capri’s –  I tend to stay away from actual pants because sadly I am too short and most of them are too long.  I love capri’s because I can wear them in the winter and summer so I get plenty of use out of them.  The ones in the photo are from Old Navy. They have several different styles on their website for you to see.  I usually go to the store and buy so that I can try on.  The fit of a yoga pant is very important!  Isn’t it?  I also do own several pairs from Victoria’s Secret Pink line but I feel I get a better deal from Old Navy ($15-25).  To buy them – oldnavy.com

B. Headbands – When I am having a ‘bad hair’ day or morning I usually throw on my trusty Yankee cap (which I need to get a new one!).  If all is well with my hair I will put a headband on so that any loose hair is pinned off of my face.  I love Goody Ouchless skinny headbands although sometimes I do wear the ones that are about 1-2 inches thick.  They are always black since that goes with EVERYTHING!  I buy mine in Target ($4-7).  Shop the headbands – goody.com

C.  Nalgene Bottle – I am a huge believer in reusable water bottles.  It doesn’t help that we have a water filter built into our sink so I can get water whenever I want.  Whether you have water built into your sink or coming out of your fridge I highly recommend buying some type of reusable bottle.  You are saving the planet one bottle at a time and just think of how much money you are saving.  I have a small Nalgene that is pictured above and a larger one.  In a previous post I spoke of a water bottle I carry around that isn’t a Nalgene but it is fantastic because it holds 64 oz of water! Aside from their website I have seen these bottles (once again) at Target ($8-15).  Help the planet – nalgene.com

D.  Polar Heart Rate Monitor – I would say about 90% of the time I wear this.  The other 10% I realize when I am already at the gym or already exercising that I left it at home.  This is a wonderful tool to monitor not only your heart rate but also the time you spend working out as well as how many calories you burn.  I own the FT-4 model.  As long as the information about yourself that you put into it is correct you should get a fairly accurate reading.  I really enjoy seeing my reading at the end of the workout so I know how well I did.  I purchased mine on Amazon about a year ago.  I haven’t really looked elsewhere so I am not sure where else you can buy in stores but I am sure that most sporting goods stores sell them (~$65 on Amazon).  Shop Polar on Amazon –  amazon.com

E. Asics – I haven’t tried many different brands of running shoes so I am sort of partial to the Asics brand.  For a while I was wearing Nike shoes but then I discovered the wonderful world of Asics and I will NEVER turn back!  The pair in the photo is what I currently own and they were about $60  in DSW.  I honestly feel like I am running or walking on clouds when I wear them!  There are so many different styles of Asics and they come in many different price points.  I have not yet been disappointed in a pair that I purchased.  I think I am on my 5th pair over the past few years.  See the shoe on DSW – dsw.com

F. Support – And finally…as I will not get into tops as I wear anything from to tank tops to long sleeve and anything in between!  It all depends on the weather and what my mood is.  But under that top you need something that will give you good support!  Find a good sports bra and you will never go wrong with a workout.  The one shown is from Target (see a trend? It is one of my favorite places to shop).  You can find them in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes.  Take your pick! Shop the look at Target – target.com

So there you have it some of the gear that I wear when I go exercise.  What items do you LOVE to wear?  Are any of the products the same?


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