Almond Butter & Jelly Mug Breakfast

This morning I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do for breakfast.  I could have my already prepared protein waffles, egg scramble, oatmeal, or steel-cut oats.  I decided to go in a different direction because when I entered the kitchen I really wanted raisins.  They are one of my favorite things to eat.  From there I decided to make myself an almond butter & raisin (pseudo-jelly) mug waffle/pancake for breakfast.  Almond butter has also become one of my favorite things to eat as well.  I would have typically went for the crunchy kind but lately I have been buying the creamy kind.

If I tell you it was great that would be an understatement!  It was so delicious I wish there was more or there was more time to make another one.  The almond butter was melted throughout the mug making this treat an extra delicious way to start off the morning.


1/4 cup egg whites
1/2 TBSP cinnamon
1 TBSP Almond Breeze Almond Milk
1 TBSP Barney Butter Almond Butter
1-2 TBSP Organic Raisins
1 scoop Perfect Fit Protein Vanilla Flavor
1/2 TBSP Ground Flaxseed
Almond Butter & Raisins for Garnish

Place all ingredients except for the AB & Raisins for garnish into a microwaveable mug.  Make sure all ingredients are well mixed.  I put it in the microwave for 2 1-minute increments until it was finished.  Why?  Sometimes you never know how a microwave will react with the food I didn’t want my hopefully delicious breakfast to explode.    When the 2 minutes was up I took it out and placed a little almond butter and some raisins on top for garnish.

Let me know if you make this and what you think of it!


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