Lets Go Green!

Two of my favorite ingredients to use lately have been Kale & Spinach.  Not so much eating them as you see them but mixing them in smoothies, juices, or even my protein waffles/pancakes.  Sometimes in the morning I put baby spinach in my egg whites.


Spinach is low in fat and cholesterol.  It is high in vitamins including A, C, E, & K and also many minerals including calcium, iron, and potassium.  Did you know that only 1 cup of spinach gives you nearly 25% of the recommended daily fiber amount that you need?  Spinach can also keep your bones strong because it contains antioxidants that can help prevent osteoporosis.  So why not add a little spinach to something you are eating!  P.S. I always buy organic!

Kale has quickly become a favorites of many.  It is in the same family as cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts.  Including kale in your diet can bring health benefits including lower cholesterol and cancer protection.  It is high in Vitamin A, C, & K.


Spinach Protein Wafflesphoto 2
1/4 c Egg Whites
1/2 c spinach
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp almond milk
1 scoop protein powder (I use Perfect Fit)
1/2 tbsp flaxseed
Almond butter to top

Mix all ingredients together in a blender (except the almond butter).  If you choose you can make a waffle.  If making pancakes make them small and wait until they bubble before you flip or else they will fall apart.  Top with almond butter and enjoy!


There are many different variations that I have made to this recipe  so I will share with you a few of them.  Create your own and have fun with it.  All mixed in a blender 🙂

1 c spinachphoto 3
1 c kale
1 c water
handful of ice
1/2 tbsp flaxseed
1 apple or pear

1 c kale or spinach
1 c frozen mango
1 tsp hemp seed
1 tsp flax seed
1 tsp goji powder
1 scoop protein powder



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