How does your garden grow?

At the end of the winter my boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to grow a garden of vegetables.   We love eating fresh vegetables with our dinner so what better way to save a little bit of money than to grow them ourselves.  While he is doing the more ‘manual’ work I am just standing by and hoping that we get something.

How was this seed planted in our heads to grow a garden? In the beginning of March we went to our local nursery Hicks to see their ‘Spring Flower & Garden Show.’  Flowers are one of my favorite things and this was a free event so why not take a drive and look around.  They had a huge room where the show was and after we looked around the rest of the place.  We saw a whole section where they sell seeds and other necessities to grow fruits and veggies at home.  Both of us said ‘let’s do it’ and come back to decide what we want.   The hardest decision was choosing which vegetables to grow as our space is limited.  So, about 2 weeks later we went back to Hicks and picked out our seeds.  We chose tomatoes, green beans, tri-colored carrots, cucumbers, butternut squash, zucchini, and some herbs.  Much to our surprise there was not a huge price difference between organic and non-organic seeds so we went with the better option.

photo 1
We also chose an organic fertilizer and top soil for when the crops got planted in the yard to make this as organic as possible.  Hopefully there will be food to eat and the animals will not go after it!  About 2 weeks ago we went to The Home Depot to get peet pellets so we can start the growing process in the house.  Within a few days you could see a little green.  The Green Beans are the most active grower.

photo 3
photo 2
photo 4

A little over a week ago all of the pods went into the ground.   The temperature was finally warmer and the ground would not get so cold at night.  The herbs went into their own “bins” and the tomatoes went into a pot.  The garden space ended up being larger than expected but this was our ‘tester’ year to see if it can be done.

After our crops were planted in the ground we went and got small fence pieces to put around the area so that the dog does not end up in it.  Hopefully she will stay out and we can share what we get with her 🙂

I will post progress photos and also any product that we are actually able to eat.  Hopefully this little project will grow into something larger next year.

Have you tried to grow a garden for fruits and/or vegetables?  If so, what kind?  Were you successful?

How you can get your children in the garden –

Starting a garden with your children is a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.
– Go to the store with them and choose some seeds.
– Start the planting process in your home (in peet pellets or even in a cup (or if you are really crafty egg shells)).
– Let them get dirty and put the dirt and seeds into the place you choose to start.
– If you are able to bring the crops outside do so when they are ready.
– Make sure you children are heavily involved in the process.
– Have fun with this.  Maybe play a game and measure how much each plant has grown once a week.
– When it is time to ‘harvest’ the crops let them take it off the plant but of course show them how to do so.


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