What in the world is ‘oil pulling’?

My first guess was that I had to pull oil out of something.  Which proceeded with the thought of why would I or anyone else want to pull oil from something to use?  After doing some research and speaking with a few people I learned exactly what it was.  It would not involve the intense labor that I thought and was/is, quite frankly, pretty easy.

The process will only involve the oil of choice (I have been using Coconut Oil but you can use sunflower, olive, or sesame) and a spoon to take the oil out of the container and put into your mouth.  While most oils are already in a liquid state Coconut Oil is not so once in your mouth you have to break it down to a liquid.  You could also heat it up and put it in your mouth but then you risk the chance of burning yourself.  The process of breaking it down once you get used to it being in your mouth will take less than a minute.  It is best to do this process on an empty stomach but if you have to eat before hand something is better than nothing.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda method from the Indian culture dating back thousands of years.

What does oil-pulling do you ask?  It is said that it pulls the toxins and bacteria out of your teeth and gums while at the same time whitening your teeth in a healthy manner.  Oil pulling can also prevent bad breath, give you more energy, and help clear your mind.  Some other things it is said to do is clear your help your allergies, clear your sinuses and skin, and allow you to sleep better.

How long does the oil need to stay in my mouth?  I have been doing anywhere from 10-20 minutes which after reading several websites and articles is the recommended length of time.  Start off on the low end of the time spectrum and slowly increase as you get used it it.  After about 3 weeks of doing it almost every day (some days I forget or and in a rush) I am nearly at 20 minutes.

How much oil should I use?  Anywhere from 1-2 tablespoons is suggested.  Start on the low end and work your way to the 2 tablespoons.

I don’t have 10-20 spare minutes but want to try, what should I do? Might I suggest leaving your coconut oil or oil of choice in the bathroom and doing this while in the shower.  I find it the best place to do so because you do not have to talk to anyone and I am usually in there for at least 20 minutes.

What do I do with the oil after the time is up?  I would not suggest letting it go down the drain.  Oils should not as a general rule of thumb not go down the drain.  If using coconut oil it can solidify again and you will end up with a plumbing  problem.  You can either use a small plastic bag or just the garbage can to discard the used oil.

After you complete the process rinse your mouth out with warm water and then brush your teeth and go about your day as normal.

What have I noticed since doing oil pulling? First thing is my teeth are for sure whiter.  Within a few days of doing a lot of the spots that were originally there are gone.  My mouth and teeth also feel cleaner.   I don’t know if this is something in my head or it is really true.

Have you tried oil pulling?  What have you noticed? What are your thoughts on it?  Share with me!


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