Bulu Box Review

It’s me again!  Another day…another review.  This time I am reviewing the Bulu Box.  Thank you to Sweat Pink and Fit Approach for this opportunity.  I was supposed to get this out to you a bit earlier but life in the past 2 weeks has taken some unexpected turns and what happen took place had to come before anything else that needed to be done.


I received this box back in August.  In the box I received 5 items.


MovIt Energy Gummies – These were really good.  I used them right before I went to run 10+ miles.  I even looked into buying them or something like it for future runs/races.  I for sure felt they worked for the first 6 miles but then they started to wear off.  When I got back home I re-read the package and it said that they last about 60 minutes which was right on time for me.  They were a citrus flavor but not too strong.  The package directions say to take about 20 minutes before you begin your exercise.  I did just that and headed out the door.  This was an A+ try!

Fusion Jerky – Lemon Pepper Chicken Jerky – I did not try this product out because I am a vegetarian.  I immediately gave it to my fiance and he said they were really good.  I did not actually see him eat them so I don’t know if they were a snack or part of a meal.  He said he would give this item an A!

The other 3 items in the box I did not try but will let you know what they are –

Anti-itch cream – I did not get to try this for one reason and one reason only – I did not need to relieve any itching.  I did not get any bug bites after receiving this item or else I would have tried it on them.  Usage will have to wait until next summer.

Simple Diet – Green Coffee Beans with other ingredients.  I did not try this because I am not comfortable taking weight loss/diet pills.  I am more comfortable eating right and exercising.  This was a strike out or an F from me.

Runa Energy – This is a powder you add to your water to make an energy drink.  I was more inclined to take the energy gummies than this and I am not sure why.  Something in my head makes me think this is not good.  I guess it makes me think of typical energy drinks such as Red Bull and Monster, to name a few.  I really only drink water.  Once in a blue moon some juice or tea and very rarely a glass of wine but that’s it.

Overall I was pretty disappointed in this subscription box and would not be continuing with my own personal subscription.  This may be better for someone who is more willing to try out health products but sadly it is not the right fit for me.

If you do feel that this is a good fit for you and want to subscribe to Bulu I can provide you with a 50% off of a 3-month subscription by using the code “SWEATPINK”

All opinions in this post are my own.  The only compensation I received to review this were the items itself.  There was no monetary compensation.


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