Manitoba Hemp Hearts + Giveaway

I LOVE the opportunity to try out products and give readers and followers my review on the product.  Thank you to Sweat Pink – FitApproach for the opportunity to review this product and try it out.

All opinions are my own. The only compensation was a free 2 oz bag of the hemp hearts.

My latest review is on a fantastic product that I have been using for quite some time now.  The company is called Manitoba Harvest and the product is called Hemp Hearts.  Manitoba products are fantastic!  I have not only used their Hemp Hearts but I have also tried several of their proteins.  They are funky colors but are fantastically delicious!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.00.34 AM

This post is a bit shorter than I would have liked because I have been consumed with the aftermath of getting married (November 5th).

I love this product for so many reasons.

  • It is filled with protein
  • Great nutty flavor that isn’t overpowering or strong.
  • You can sneak omegas, protein, and fiber into the food you make without anyone really knowing it is there.
  • I am all about the added fiber in my diet and a little goes a long way!
  • Manitoba is vegan, GMO free, raw (one- ingredient only!) and DELICIOUS!

Below are some photos of different ways I used the  Hemp Hearts.  Also head over to my Instagram for a giveaway of Manitoba Hemp Harvest Hemp Hearts. Giveaway will end on Sunday, November 15th. @mandielyse_tiu


This is a Perfect Fit Waffle with Mantioba Harvest Hemp Hearts in the mix and sprinkled on top.

This is 1 egg and a little extra egg whites with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts in the mix.

I had a pumpkin spice English Muffin topped with Pumpkin Spice PB and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.

Finally – A Perfect Fit Waffle with Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts in the mix.


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