MealEnders Review + Giveaway

✨✨✨Are you ready for another giveaway? ✨✨✨

This one is coming from @MealEnders and @FitApproach! For about the past month I was asked to try out their product and give a blog review.

Are you trying to stay on track this holiday season?

Are you limiting the number of “cheat” sweets you are allowing yourself?

Raise your hand if you get cravings for sweets and want to run to the kitchen for some cookie or ice cream!

Look no further and stop those cravings right in their tracks with #mealenders. These are lozenges that are designed to cut the cravings, curb overeating, and make your portions smaller. When you feel that craving come on pop one in your mouth and let the lozenge do the work. No need to bite or chew this. Just let it dissolve in your mouth. With a soft sweet outer layer and a hard inner you will subside that desire with the few minutes it takes to dissolve.

I would say overall 90% of the time they did the trick.  I would sometimes have it after a meal because I still feel hungry (thanks to being a quick eater) and other times just to not run to the kitchen for that little snack.  Other times I wound up being more hungry than before having one.  In that case I may pop another or just go and eat my meal. But the rest of the time my hunger subsides for a bit and I can go and complete tasks I needed before I go eat a meal or a mid-meal snack.

They come in 4 flavors (I’ve tried 3) – Cinnamon🌶, Chocolate Mint🍫🍬, Citrus🍋, and Mocha☕️ (not a coffee fan so this is the one I haven’t tried).
Want to be able to try all 4 flavors for FREE⁉️⁉️ This is a $50 value 💰💰

Here’s how to enter –

  1. Head over to Instagram.
  2. Follow me @mandielyse_tiu and @mealenders (this step is a must to qualify!)
  3. Like this photo
  4. Tag a friend in the comments you think would want to win!
  5. For an added entry repost this photo tagging (in the photo not in the caption) @mandielyse_tiu and @mealenders


Winner will be selected on Monday, 12/14/15 @ noon EST. so make sure you enter before then! Must be a US resident and have not won a Meal Enders giveaway before. Must also be will to send in your mailing info to me so I can get the product to you.


This giveaway is NOT supported and has nothing to do with Instagram. It is only an outlet for me to post it.

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