DIY – Homemade Plates

For the past few years I have been wanting to make these after seeing them on TV and the internet.  Was I afraid to make it or just didn’t have time?  That question I am not sure of the answer.  I decided that this year would be the year after I went into our local CVS store and found my one ingredient.

I have a holiday party with friends to attend this weekend so I decided that making a tray and putting my treats on it would be a great idea.  Even if they tray doesn’t make it past the night it really only cost me about $1.50 to make if not a bit less.

All you will need for this is:

1 bag of round peppermint candies
Piece of parchment paper
A pan size/shape of your choice

image2This is the type of candy you will need.  Color does not matter.  CVS only had the red and white ones.

STEP 1:  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

STEP 2: Line the pan you use with the parchment paper.  I chose a large spring form pan rather than a rectangle cookie sheet.

STEP 3: Unwrap the candies and strategically place them in the pan spacing apart just a little bit.

STEP 4:  Place in your oven for about 10 minute but start checking after about 7 to see how it is doing.

STEP 5: Once they are all melted and in one giant piece remove from the oven before it starts to burn.

STEP 6: Remove from the tray you have in/on and place on a wire cooling rack.  Leave the parchment paper on for a bit.  It got a little messed up on the one side because I went to move it off of the bottom of the spring form and it flipped over so I had to un-flip!

Step 7: After about 10 minutes flip the tray you have made and remove the parchment paper.  It may still be warm so let it cool.

STEP 8: I let it cool overnight but it shouldn’t need that long.  Once fully cool you can use to serve what you wish on it.


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