6 Winter Running Items

Winter didn’t really hit New York until January which I am certainly not complaining about!  I even got to run a half marathon in a tank top and capri running pants in the middle of December!  That was pretty amazing to say the least.  Continue reading

3 Ways to Give Back

There are so many great ways you can give back to those in need or even to charity.  Whether it be to a cause that is near and dear to your heart, a friend who needs some help, or just  out of the goodness of your heart there is always a way to get it done.

When driving to work this morning I really started thinking about some things.  It started with a friend who is running the New York City Half Marathon next month and knowing as of the other day when I donated she hadn’t quite hit her goal.  Looking today and sharing the link with you I noticed she did and will be running with the team from the Ronald McDonald House.  If you want to donate to her run there is still some time so use the link above no amount is to big or too small 🙂

Once I decided that that was the inspiration to my blog post for this week I started thinking of ways that I loved to be able to give back in the past few weeks.
PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Charity Miles – an amazing app from the Apple iTunes Store as well as the Android Google Play Store.  What if I told you that you could exercise and donate money to charity and it wouldn’t cost you a penny?  Would you believe me?  I hope you do because it is something that does exist!  I first found out about this amazing app in April of 2015.  I only used it twice that month (yes, it tells you how many times you have used it.) but then began consistently using it for runs, walks, bike rides, and even HIIT workouts at home in September 2015 when my girls Karena & Katrina of Tone It Up partnered with them for a challenge.  That is when I started exercising for the Alzheimer’s Association.  Since then I have also done some cardio for the ASPCA after we lost our rescue dog Max a week after I got married.  So how does this app work?  You simply select a charity from the list they provide, you then select what type of activity you are doing from the options of “Outdoor Walk/Run” “Indoor Walk/Run” and “Outdoor Bike.”  Once you select these two get your booty in motion!  Once you finish your activity you hit the stop button.  At the end it will let you know what company is making the donation, how much your fitness donated, how long you were exercising for, and the distance you went.  For every mile you either walk or run 25 cents is donated.  For every mile you bike 10 cents is donated.  The current company that is making the donations is Chobani.  In the past I have seen Kenneth Cole, Johnson & Johnson, and Humana to name a few.  I can’t talk about this app enough to people.  I know several that have started using it because I told them.  It is an app that makes me feel a little guilty on the days I am not sure I want to step outside or get on the treadmill.  Try it out for yourself.  Change the lives of others while improving your health.  The top left photo is what the app looks like when you are doing your activity.  The top right is what is seen when you finish.  The bottom photo is why I chose to move for the Alzheimer’s Association.

My Soxy Feet – I was first introduced to this amazing company when I won a contest online to pick a pair of their socks for my own.  I fell in love with them the moment I put on my pair and made a run for it.  I haven’t looked back since.  I don’t wear them for every run outside but I do wear a pair for every race I do no matter if it is a 5k or a half marathon.  In the summer of 2014, I even helped to design a pair of socks for the brand with the founder Melissa Corp.  The pair I helped with is the “Dream Big, Live Big” pair that benefits the Epilepsy Services Foundation.  So many pairs of their socks when purchased a portion get donated to charity.  I am currently a brand ambassador for My Soxy Feet and couldn’t be happier to be part of this team. They have socks for men, women, and kids.  Just and FYI the kids socks are BEYOND adorable and I wish my feet were tiny enough to fit in them 🙂  Shop today on their website using the “GETSOXY” and save 10% off your purchase!

The Epilepsy Services Foundation Sock             Other socks for a cause


Breast Cancer

Love Your Melon – I only recently found out about this amazing company from my sister who was wearing one of their hats.  When I went on their website to look I saw that they were sold out.  Immediately, I had to sign up for their notifications to find out when products would be released.  About a week or two later I got an email saying that in a few days some hats would be released.  It was a Monday night at 7pm, I sat with my computer ready, and at 7pm I put 2 hats in my cart.  I wasn’t sure which one I wanted and finally made up my mind of a burgundy speckled beanie.  I am glad I was on at 7pm to order because by about 7:20/7:30pm their entire stock had sold out.  So why was I so set on getting one of these beanies?  Well, when you buy one it helps children with cancer.  The company makes hats for them and distributes them to children fighting cancer in the hospitals.  Their goal is to have every child wearing a hat.  Since the night I ordered they have released 1 other night of products and those were sold out within a few minutes I believe.  A friend of mine wanted to order and by the time she got to check out the hat was gone.  They currently have some pre-orders available on their website and on Monday at 7pm you will be able to order a fresh release of products (different from the pre-order).  Normally I wouldn’t spend $30 on a hat but this one was more than worth it.  The hat is amazingly soft and comfy and keeps my head warm.


Share with me some of your favorite ways to give back!


Fueled By Hemp Review

Attempting to keep at least 1 post a week but if I can get more in I will.  Today I am bringing you a review of a product I was given to try.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bars in Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate (they also make a Vanilla flavor) were sent my way to try out thanks to Fit Approach and Manitoba Harvest.  I am all about trying healthy bars.  Staples in my kitchen are bars in many varieties and jars upon jars of nut butter.  So needless to say I couldn’t wait to include these in a daily diet.



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