6 Winter Running Items

Winter didn’t really hit New York until January which I am certainly not complaining about!  I even got to run a half marathon in a tank top and capri running pants in the middle of December!  That was pretty amazing to say the least. 

I was well prepared for a cold December leading into what was a really cold January and some of February.  I had stocked up on a bunch of cold weather gear including some items that I ended up returning because of how warm December was.  I had bought insulated pants for that half marathon but since it was nearly 65 degrees I knew I didn’t need these beautiful pants.  I did end up finding a pair for $9.99 at Marshalls which I ended up using a couple of times this winter.  That was a deal I couldn’t pass up even if I only wore them once.

Last week I finally hit 100 fitness miles (running, walking, and a little shoveling snow!) for 2016 so as you can see it has been a slow 2 months for me.  Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite items that helped keep me a bit warm this winter.

Under Armour ColdGear Mockneck Shirt – This is one of my go to cold weather items.  I bought it last winter through a Zulily deal.  I use this shirt as a base for anything I wear when I go outside.  It has a half neck or mockneck as they call it so it helps to keep the warmth in your body and your neck slightly covered. I didn’t pay too much for it because of the Zulily deal but without a doubt would have paid full price for it if needed.  It is an amazing investment from a quality brand. You can find this item at Dicks Sporting Goods for $49.99.



A Puffer Vest – I currently own two of these one from The Gap and one from Land’s End.  The Gap one is a bit puffier than the Land’s End one so depending on the temperature outside will determine which one I wear.  I got the Gap one years ago and never really wore it and the Land’s End one I got last year during their winter clearance.  Not only is a vest good to throw on for a run but it is good during the fall and spring as well to throw over a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt.  I love that they have pockets even though I own a flipbelt and put some of my stuff in there.  This is good to put your gloves (will get to that soon!) and even a phone or iPod if you want to keep it out for view.  One of my favorite newly discovered features of the black vest is that since it has a zipper and button flap over you can secure your headphone wire so they aren’t flapping all over the place.  The left is the Gap vest and the right is Land’s End.  Gap no longer has this vest and the LE one is similar to what I have and it is on clearance right now for only $23.99 so jump on that!


Knee Socks – The pair you see in the photo above are from My Soxy Feet.  I spoke about them last week in my blog post.  This pair for Breast Cancer is no long available on their website but they do have a pair for the coffee lover called Perfect Blend.  They also have a newly released compression sock that goes up to the knee although I think they are a bit thinner.   You don’t necessarily have to use this company but a sock that goes up to the knee really helps to keep your legs a bit warmer on those really cold days.  I am just recommending because they are a brand I know and trust 🙂  The compression sock come in at $35 and the Perfect Blend are $18.  Use code “GETSOXY” to save 10%!


Knitted Headband – I finally invested in one of these this late last year.  By invested I simply mean purchased.  I did not spend a lot of money by any means (under $10) .  Back in October I saw a Groupon deal so I jumped on it.  There is always great deals for winter items and fitness items so go check it out today!  I don’t wear it all the time but when the wind is whipping I do.  Sometimes I wear it over my hat and others just on my bare head.  I do plan on, before next winter, getting a couple of TrueNorth Collection Fuzzy & Warm Headband.


Cowlneck Shirt – I came across this item around Black Friday 2015.  I did not set out to buy one nor did I intend to keep it but I fell in love with it once I put it on.  It has a nice large neck that adds some extra warmth.  It isn’t too heavy that I can use it on a cool day where a sweatshirt or jacket isn’t necessary and it is light enough to wear a tank top under on a day where you just aren’t too sure!  My favorite part of the one I got is it has thumb holes on it!  This item is currently on clearance for $26.99 at Dicks Sporting Goods (noticing a trend here?  I was a bit of a shop-o-holic there this winter!)

cowl neck.jpg

Tech Gloves – I ordered these Calia by Carrie Underwood gloves back in November with most of the other items on this list (a few others that aren’t on the list as well.) and I love them.  They don’t keep your hand crazy warm but on a not so terribly cold day they do a good job.  They are tech gloves on the thumb and pointer finger so if needed you can use your electronic device while out and about.  They are also pretty plain and could be used for a nice night on the town 🙂  I recommend a pair of tech gloves when you are out and about so that you do not freeze your fingers off!  These are also on clearance at Dicks Sporting Goods for an amazing price of $14.97.

calia gloves


What are some of your favorite winter weather fitness items? Share in the comments below.


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