Feel Amazing Every Day

I am always one to try out a new product.  Particularly when it is something that will improve my health and wellness.

Recently I was sent (thank you Sweat Pink/Fit Approach!) a beautiful gift basket with the following items – Amazing Grass Protein Superfood in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Amazing Grass Mason Jar with glass straw, Prana Yoga Towel, and an Amazing Grass reusable tote bag.  When I found out I was selected for the Amazing Grass Campaign I was pretty excited.  When it arrived and included more than just the protein I was so surprised.  I have a huge stash of mason jars and love using them for my smoothies and other food related storage.
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TIU Bikini Series Success 5 Ways

This was never intended to be one of my posts but I was completely inspired by the Lane Bryant #ThisBody campaign that I shared on my Instagram this morning.  I had never heard of the campaign before this past weekend when I ran my half.  They were giving out tshirts and I am so glad I took one because it really is inspiring!

The shirt says “THIS BODY IS MADE FOR _________”.  Some of the things I listed were

Let’s Run!

I get a lot of mixed opinions when I tell someone I enjoy running half marathons or running in general.  I enjoy the open roads and air.  I enjoy that little time to myself to reflect and think of things.  I enjoy the sun shining down (sometimes it isn’t but that is okay!).  Experiencing the elements is so important.  I enjoy testing my limits whether it be a new course, faster time, or greater distance.

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WOSS Suspension Trainer Workout

What is a Tone It Up girl to do when their website is down because of Bikini Series excitement? Use her WOSS suspension trainer of course!  I don’t use this thing enough and I really should.  It only requires me to walk over to the bedroom door and close it.  I pick the moves I want to do and how many reps I want and get going.  I completed this workout and then went for a nice run in the rain! Continue reading

Quinoa Crispies

I can say for certain that I was not always a fan of quinoa.  When I first tried it I could barely stomach it.  I looked around trying to figure out ways to make it taste better.  I looked for ways that I could not eat it.  Maybe find something else that was as good of a selection.  I found cooking it with a broth made it taste better but rarely do that anymore.  I did not find much that was healthier so that option was down the drain. Continue reading