Quinoa Crispies

I can say for certain that I was not always a fan of quinoa.  When I first tried it I could barely stomach it.  I looked around trying to figure out ways to make it taste better.  I looked for ways that I could not eat it.  Maybe find something else that was as good of a selection.  I found cooking it with a broth made it taste better but rarely do that anymore.  I did not find much that was healthier so that option was down the drain.

Eventually, I was able to stomach the quinoa I have come to know and love.  There is always a bag or container of it in my house.  I cook it at least once a week for meals.  I eat it plain, with veggies, or any other way I figure out at that moment.  Most recently I tried something a little different.

A couple of years ago I dedicated a whole post to the wonderful Quinoa.  Head over and check it out!

My girls Karena & Katrina have Quinoa Crisps but I am so hesitant to buy because I know I will go through them like water.  It isn’t because they would be bad.  I decided to scour the internet to find out how to make such a thing.  After looking at many different recipes all basically the same I decided to just wing it one day in the kitchen.  I made a pot of quinoa to use for meals during the week and saved a little to make some cripsies!

You don’t need much for this recipe aside from cooked quinoa.  Take the desired amount of quinoa and let it “dry” from the stove top.  Once it is nice and dry place it on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.  I saw some recipes used cooking spray or even salt or seasoning but I just made mine plain this time around.  I put them into a 250 degree oven and every 5 minutes I kept checking them to make sure there was no burns!  After about 15 minutes they were done.

I haven’t used them on much except my protein donuts (that were also topped with some variety of nut butter – because I am obsessed!).  They could really go with anything as they are plain and in my opinion DELICIOUS!  And for that reason I need to make my own because I would go broke buying such a thing 😉




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