WOSS Suspension Trainer Workout

What is a Tone It Up girl to do when their website is down because of Bikini Series excitement? Use her WOSS suspension trainer of course!  I don’t use this thing enough and I really should.  It only requires me to walk over to the bedroom door and close it.  I pick the moves I want to do and how many reps I want and get going.  I completed this workout and then went for a nice run in the rain!

This workout took about 20 minutes for one circuit.  If I had a bit more time I would do a second time.


Squat with overhead arm raise x10
Closed Leg Squat x20
Row (facing the trainer) x20
Bicep Curl x20
Single Leg Squat (leg over knee) x10 for each leg (20x total)
Single Leg Squat (balancing on one leg) x10 for each leg (20x total)
Wide Arm Row x20
Bicep Curl x15
Lunge x20 for each leg (40x total)
Jump Lunges x20 totalwoss1
Wide Leg (plie) Squat x20
Chest Press x20 (facing away from trainer)
Rear Fly x20 (facing away from trainer)
Standing Side Plank x15 each side (30x total)
Standing Tricep Pushup x20

Don’t have a WOSS trainer?  Head over to Amazon and get yourself one.  They are inexpensive, easy to set up, come in a few different colors (of course I had to have the purple one!), and only require the use of a door.


One thought on “WOSS Suspension Trainer Workout

  1. Aloha Mandi,

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