Foodie Friday – Berry Avocado Smoothie

I am all about smoothies and of course anything that contains avocado so why not create something different for breakfast?!

Earlier this week I went looking in the fridge for ingredients I had because for my originally intended smoothie I did not have everything I needed.  I was a bit disappointed I did not think of the items needed when food shopping and meal prepping this weekend.  Come the morning when I went to drink it that disappointment went out the window.  This smoothie was amazing and full of flavor.  It kept me full like it needed and I was glad I made it.  This smoothie was even husband approved.  He was sure to comment to me how much he liked this!  Guess I will be making it for us again soon 🙂
This makes 2 smoothies (I made one for myself and one for my husband in one mix!).  Place all the ingredients below in a blender and split into 2 cups 🙂
1 cup almond milk
2-2 1/2 cups water
1 cup frozen berries
1/2 avocado
2 scoops protein powder (try to use vanilla to avoid taking away from the berries)
2-3 tbsp flax seed
Ice is optional as I had the frozen berries.
Sorry this isn’t the best photo – I was rushing out the door and wanted to get a quick photo.

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