TIU Bikini Series Success 5 Ways

This was never intended to be one of my posts but I was completely inspired by the Lane Bryant #ThisBody campaign that I shared on my Instagram this morning.  I had never heard of the campaign before this past weekend when I ran my half.  They were giving out tshirts and I am so glad I took one because it really is inspiring!

The shirt says “THIS BODY IS MADE FOR _________”.  Some of the things I listed were


As we all start to prep for the Tone It Up Bikini series this week and the start of it on Sunday the above sentences rang truer than ever.  Life is all about taking chances and your self worth.  Your body is so important.  You only get one.  Treat it right!


I will be away for 2 weeks of the Bikini Series this year but plan to make it the best one yet for me.  I wanted to share with you 5 tips I have to be successful in this challenge and even after it is over.

  1. MEAL PREP…MEAL PREP…MEAL PREP!!! I can not even stress this enough.  WHen you have the food ready to go in the fridge it makes life SOOO much easier.  Each week I write out a food schedule for my husband and I so we know what items we are taking with us for the day.  The only items I usually do not prep on the weekends is our dinners.  We usually make those fresh each night.  Our fridge is filled with containers of each serving for each meal.  When you prep there is less room for failure and you never have to worry about what you are eating.  Stock your pantry and fridge with healthy treats like nut butters, raw bars and nuts, protein powder and anything else that you may need.  These items are great to stock up on because they do not go bad quickly.  I tend to stock up on non-perishables for just that reason!
  2. Wake up and get in that workout!  I LOVE working out in the morning.  I recently changed my wake-up time from 6am to 5:45.  That extra 15 minutes is a game changer.  If you aren’t used to waking up so early do it in increments.  Eventually you can get to the time you want.  You will NEVER regret a workout!  And the saying on one of my favorite tanks I own is “Excuses Don’t Burn Calories!”  You can make all the excuses you want for not getting in a workout but it will not produce the results that you want.  Get cute workout clothes that might help you with an early morning workout!
  3. Take photos and measurements.  Since the beginning of the year, every Sunday morning when I get up, I take my measurements.  I measure the following – neck, upper arm (left and right), chest, torso, abs, waist, calf (left and right), and thigh (left and right).  I also step on the scale.  I do not use the number on the scale to judge my progress as it is not the most accurate measurement for success.  After taking my measurements I then do my body shots.  I take a forward facing, side facing, and back facing photo.  You can do this in your yoga pants and sports bra, a bikini, or anything that is able to show your form.  It is best to take these photos showing skin.  You don’t need to share them with anyone but take them.  You may not notice a difference just looking in the mirror but you will when you see the photos.  Get yourself a cute notebook or something to keep track.
  4. Know your workout!  Know at least the day before what workout(s) you plan to get in.  Just like meal prepping it will save you the headache of continually looking around for what to do.  If you spend time before hand preparing a schedule or using something like Karena & Katrina provide it will save time.  Less time scrambling.  More time working out or doing something else.
  5. Have fun!  Meet up with friends for a workout or find a new trail to walk/run/bike.  There are so many places you can take a workout class or even bring your yoga mat to the park/beach with an idea of what you want to get done.  This time of year I LOVE to be outside so any excuse to get out there is a good one for me.  If you get bored you are more likely to give up so do something that you enjoy!  It doesn’t even have to be for a workout.  Head out to dinner or brunch.  Just HAVE FUN!


Yesterday on my instagram I posted why I am taking part in this years Bikini Series – Here is what I wrote –

Why am I taking part in the #tiubikiniseries ? Why are you taking part in this amazing #tiuchallenge? Because I want to continue on the path to a stronger, healthier, and better me. I tone up not to impress someone else but to be the best me I can be. If you are on the fence about taking part in the 2016 #bikiniseries I suggest you take the plunge and do it. Do it for you. Do it to make yourself better and healthier and stronger. Even if you don’t follow it 100% you will be happy with the outcome. I can’t wait to dive head first into this tomorrow when our new 8 week plan comes out. My prepping begins then. Then on Sunday we all take the plunge together. Don’t be left out in the cold. Grab a friend and let’s get ready for summertime and be amazing together! @mandielyse_tiu

My beautiful trainers responded with the following to solidify my words even more – trainers.jpg


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