Top Trader Joe’s Items

It has been a little time since my last post.  I have since PR’d in a half and finished it just under 2 hours.  Couldn’t have been happier with that accomplishment.

Today I wanted to bring you some of my favorite items from one of my favorite stores – TRADER JOE’S!

There is always something fun and new to purchase in this store.  I love walking around looking at everything and seeing what I could put in my cart next.  There has only been 1 time that I went in for an item and only walked out with that item.  Usually I find something that wasn’t originally on my list and add it to the cart as well.

Anyone else feel that way about this store?  It is really a fun place to shop and looks like a really great place to work.

Some of these items are classic favorites and staples in my house and some are new finds.

Green Beans – I don’t have a photo of this but I will describe the item to you perfectly.  It comes in a clear square bag and priced at I believe $1.99.  It can be found in the frozen veggies section.  They are skinny French green beans.  I usually have to buy 3-4 bags at a time because I go through them so quickly.


Mediterranean Hummus – I consider myself a hummus snob. Yes, I said it.  After traveling to Israel and having some of the best it was had to come home and find good hummus in stores.  I went through so many different kinds but this one passes my test!  It is about the only store bought hummus I will eat.  They may change when I get back from Israel in 2 weeks but for now I will accept it as is 🙂


Plain Greek Yoggyurt – So many people enjoy eating Greek Yogurt.  I do hear so many complain that they can’t stomach the plain and need a little flavor to it.  Well, I found THE BEST plain Greek Yogurt at Trader Joe’s.  It is not bitter and is creamy and thick.  It has a little sweet taste to it.  Try this one out.  It comes in smaller size packages.  Add some cinnamon or fruit to it.  I also sometimes add granola or nut butter.  Have fun with it.  Plain is the best because there are no extra additives to it that will increase the sugar content.



Coconut Oil Cooking Spray – I use this for everything!  There have been a couple of times where I ran out and was pretty bummed.  I am obsessed with all things coconut so when I found out that TJ sells this spray I knew I needed in on the fun.  Meals get a little added tropical flavor to them.  Food does not stick to the pan or waffle iron.  Try it out I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Added bonus is that it has a high heating point so it is much better for you than most other oils.


Veggie & Flax Seed Tortilla Chips – A few months ago I was looking for the better option as far as the chip goes and saw two of my favorite food words “VEGGIE” and “FLAX”.  Those who know me know I use flax seed in so many different things.  These are not better than using veggies straight up but they are better than your standard chip on the shelf and they are insanely delicious!  The bag has 3 flavors – spinach, red beet, and carrot.  Go pick up a bag to try at your next party!


Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs – I only found out about these insanely delicious things a couple of weeks ago.  The checkout area of Trader Joe’s is one of the most dangerous parts of the store.  That is where i found then.  They were $1.99 for the bag. Plain cacao nibs are VERY bitter for those that have tried.  These little gems are super delicious and add a nice chocolatey flavor to anything you use it with.  I added to smoothies, Greek yogurt and even just ate them plain.  Be careful because you can eat the entire bag!  They are pretty good for you (cacao is a super food and they are dark chocolate!)  Go try them out FOR SURE!cacaonibs

Almond Mozzarella Style Shreds – I recently came across this in the dairy/cheese section of mozzTrader Joe’s and knew I had to try it.  Lately cheese has not been a friend of mine so I am trying to avoid the best I can.  It is so hard to pass up cheese because it is so tasty!  There are not too many kinds I do not like.  I gave this variety a try since it is 99% lactose free and it was surprisingly delicious!  I used it a top some eggs, in tacos at home for Taco Tuesday!, and most recently in a veggie burger wrap.  It melts nicely if you need it to.  It does have a nutty taste so don’t expect your traditional mozzarella cheese taste.

caulifCauliflower Rice – I have been trying to find this for many months and NEVER saw it on the shelf.  My mom found it at a Trader Joe’s she goes to but let me know the secret to getting it.  You need to go to customer service and ask.  They keep it in a cooler frozen and hand out to the customer.  The one she went to allowed 2 bags and mine allowed only 1.  It is very simple to make and tastes delicious!  You wouldn’t even know you are eating cauliflower.  I mixed ours with 2 eggs and some veggies and made a fried “rice”.  This was only $1.99 a bag.  I would like to try with a fresh head of cauliflower but for the first time it was easy and convenient.

Reduced Guilt Guac – Basically it is guac made with Greek yogurt for a healthier option.  It is super tasty.  My only complaint is it contains cilantro and I HATE CILANTRO!  Otherwise this is a delicious treat.


My other favorite items that I don’t have a photo of are their raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans…), trail mixes, and coconut oil body butter.  They sell them in individual packets and larger bags.  There are so many great varieties of trail mix!  The body butter makes your skin super soft and smell delicious!  I use it after my shower.


What are some of your favorite items from Trader Joe’s?  Share in the comments.


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