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I wanted to get this typed and posted prior to traveling for my honeymoon or even while away when we had some downtime but neither were possible.  Downtime in front of my computer was not much and I was too busy getting things ready before we left.

I was out of the country for 2 weeks in Israel and Rhodes, Greece.  I knew I would have healthier options being in the Mediterranean region but wanted to make sure I had other snacks and items to eat that were normal to my diet while we were out and about.  I also wanted to make sure I would be set for a workout each day.  I packed lightly with some things that I will talk about after the food I brought.


Sometimes when you are away on vacation you want to indulge in EVERYTHING you see!  While that might be good in the moment you will probably not be too happy with the after effects and even when you arrive home.  So make those good decisions beforehand so you do not regret it after.

Yes, while away I did have a few desserts and ate way too much bread/pita but I kept everything else really healthy and clean except for a small glass of wine on the plane ride going because, well, it was my birthday and I can!

There are so many amazing treats that you can pack with you whether it be in a carry on bag or your checked luggage.  If you are taking a road trip, even better, this option the world is your oyster 🙂

When we went out for the day I always packed a couple of items in either my backpack or pocketbook (whichever made it out with us that day).

The items I packed were –

Perfect Fit Protein Packets – I took vanilla and chocolate so I could make a shake if I wanted.  I did end up using several of them for either a shake or to put in some yogurt for added protein.


Greek Yogurt with honey and soon to be PFP!

Perfect Fit Protein Waffles – I made 4 of these to take with me.  I wrapped in plastic and in a bag.  They got a little squished but tasted FANTASTIC!  I used these for my breakfast on some days.


Perfect Fit Lavender Honey Muffins – I made these prior to going and ate a few of them but ended up disposing of the rest before we returned home because I had no room and they were 2 weeks old traveling from airplane to fridge.

Dave’s Killer Bread – YES, I did bring an entire loaf of bread and YES it did make it safely.  I used the entire loaf except for a few slices that for some reason went bad.  I am usually an Ezekiel bread girl but I heard a lot about this and wanted to try it out.  We topped it with nut butter and my husband used it for a sandwich I believe.  I would recommend this company as it was really delicious.

Lara Bars, Kashi Granola Bars, and Simple Square Bars – these were great mid morning or afternoon snacks to hold us over until the next meal.  I had been given a variety pack of the Lara Bars and a variety of Simple Square bars to try so I saved them for the trip.  They worked out perfectly because we snacked on several of them.  Whatever was left of the Kashi bars I left for my aunt with whom we stayed with.  Everything else came home with us.  I will be saving a bunch of the LaraBars for when I complete the Whole30 starting in a couple of weeks in case I need a hold me over.

Trader Joe’s Individual Trail Mix nut packets – I opted for the cashew, almond, cranberry mix because anything with chocolate, although delicious, would risk the melting factor.  Considering most days it was above 80 this would have been an issue.  Even more an issue on the several days where it was up around 100+!  These were a hit by everyone.  I sometimes used it as fuel for pre-workout or post if I wasn’t ready to eat a big meal and also a mid day snack.  I shared a few with my cousin who LOVED them.  Upon leaving Israel, I gave her several packets and also some to my aunt.

Nut Butter – I wanted to bring packets but had a hard time finding so I brought a jar and packed it in my checked luggage.  I did not finish the jars brought but I did use it to not only top bread but also my protein waffles.  I did leave this behind as well

Chia Seeds – I topped bread with this and also made chia pudding (almond milk was purchased when we arrived).  This did end up coming home with me but I was glad I brought it to add some variety to what I was eating.

Trader Joe’s Cacao Nibs – these did not melt and they are SOOOO good!  I added them to chia puddings I made and also topped my Perfect Fit Waffles that I made.  Needless to say, the entire bag was gone before we left 🙂

The Good Bean – Cinnamon Chickpeas – IF you haven’t tried these I highly recommend doing so.  They come in a wide variety of flavors.  I have had original and cinnamon, both of which are DELICIOUS!  I would have a bag with me (small size) at all times so that we could snack on them when on the go.

Krave Jerky – The final item that made the trek across the pond was Krave Jerky.  This was my husbands take-a-long.  He purchased the Lemon Garlic variety and had no problem finishing the bag before we left to come home.


We were away from May 11-25th and I exercised all but 2 or 3 days and those were all days of travel via plane.  Each day I either went out for a run or walk or used a treadmill if available.  Alongside that I brought printable workouts, resistance bands, and mini bands.  I thought about deflating my exercise ball and bringing that but I honestly had no more room.  The items I brought were perfect and gave me a great workout.  I did have my laptop and iPad (and phone) so I could pull up videos if needed.  Yes, even on vacation I set my alarm for wake up and my workout!  Almost every day was 6am and I did not regret it ONCE!  Just because you are away from home does not mean you have to give up your regular lifestyle completely.


How will you be holding yourself accountable when away?  What tips do you want to share for someone who may find it hard to workout when on vacation?  Did you find this post at all helpful?

To see more of my vacation workout and meal photos please head over to my IG – MandiElyse_TIU


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