Whole30 – Week 1 Recap

Back at the end of March/beginning of April I decided that I was going to take the small plunge and complete my first Whole30.  The first step in doing this was to buy the book.  I told myself I will complete it once we returned from our honeymoon and finished the Tone It Up Challenge that was going on.


While we were away I read the book, wrote notes in the book, and marked pages I knew I would want to go back to (ie: recipes, tips, guidelines).  On each page marking (I used post-it notes) I wrote what I was important on that page/what the topic of conversation was.  A little while we were away, but more before and after our trip I scoured the internet for additional tips and recipes to help me complete the next 30 days with ease.  Pinterest became a quick friend as well as the Whole30 website (a few other random sites) and some Instagram accounts.


I for sure had to mentally prepare myself for this but not nearly as much as someone who consumes a lot of sugar and processed items. I feel that you really need to prepare yourself and your home.  You can’t just blindly say TODAY is the day.  But that is just my opinion.

The day before the start was Father’s Day.  Since we were away I slowly introduced meat back into my life and even more so on this day.  I tried a little pork and half of a hamburger.  I did enjoy myself a little bit but not too much.  My MIL makes the best Macaroni Salad in the world so I knew I had to have some of that before starting.  If I saw it there and wasn’t able to eat it I would have not been happy and probably would of had to start the W30 over again.  I also had a little dessert (tiny pieces of pie) just to get it out of my system, so to say.

In the Whole 30 book they tell you your “feelings” or “what to expect from each day.” So I was ultimately expecting to feel the ways described in the book.  In this post I will share with you my workouts for each day, what I ate for each meal, and how I felt at the end of the day. (Each day will be titled with what you see in the book.)


WORKOUT– Lauren Gleisberg HIIT workout (30 minutes), Tone It Up 5 Moves from the App, and a 5.3 mile bike ride.
BREAKFAST– Spinach & Tomato Frittata with 1/4 of a avocado and a little salsa.  This meal is very on point to what I normally eat a couple times a week so I knew what to expect.  I was satisfyingly full by the end of it.
LUNCH – Turkey Meatballs (shared in previous blog post), Riced Cauliflower Stirfry from the W30 book, and some fruit salad.
DINNER– No Fuss Salmon Cakes and Green Beans with Peppers and Onions (both from W30Book), and a small red potato roasted.  The salmon cakes are SOO good!  I highly recommend making them for your meals during this process.  They were so easy to make and the flavor is top notch!
FEELINGS – Yeah, this is pretty much how I felt by the end of day 1. “SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?”  I surprisingly did not feel hungry between each meal like I have before I started doing this.  I think maybe it was because I knew I had that little snack coming in between each meal that I got excited to eat it.  I had no desire to pick on anything but did ALMOST have a slip-up.  I was heating up some pasta for someone and a little piece fell on my finger.  Normally, I would eat that piece and I went to move it toward my mouth and realized “HELLO!!!!! YOU CAN NOT HAVE THAT ANYMORE, WELL AT LEAST FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS!!!!”




DAY 2 WORKOUT – Lauren Gleisberg HIIT, the new Tone It Up ball routine, some of the 5 moves from their app, and one of the mini band routines.  A 2.3 mile walk/run was also completed.
BREAKFAST– Eggs with riced cauliflower leftovers and 1/4 avocado.
LUNCH – 2 Salmon Cakes, green bean mix I had the day before, a little of the sweet potato and apple hash I made (OMG SOO GOOD!), and a side of fruit salad.
DINNER– Spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and beef mixed with veggies.
FEELINGS – I woke up feeling good.  I went right into doing the above workout.  Today I was a bit more hungry between lunch and dinner almost from the moment I finished my lunch.  I am not carrying any snacks with me to work each day because if I have it I know I will eat it.  Because of this when I got home I had a few walnuts.  We didn’t end up eating dinner until late because we went to the pool so I needed something that water could not satisfy all day long.


DAY 3 WORKOUT – A little foam roller, Tone It Up App 5 moves and a 1.5 mile walk and .5 miles running.
BREAKFAST– 2 hard boiled eggs and cauliflower rice with the homemade sauce.  It was an on the go breakfast so I had to make do.
LUNCH – 4.5 ounces of chicken seasoned with Flavor God Taco, roasted red peppers and green beans and some fruit.
DINNER– Stuffed pepper from the W30 Book.
FEELINGS – Once again I woke up feeling good.  I was not too hungry in between meals so no extra items today.  I really did not feel that “HANGOVER” feeling that they say which once again shows me that I do eat pretty well on a normal basis.




DAY 4 WORKOUT – A Lauren Gleisberg workout followed by Tone It Up Tri Stretching, Arms and Abs from the 2016 Bikini Series and a 5 mile bike ride.
BREAKFAST– Egg Frittata with salsa, roasted red potatoes, and a peach
LUNCH – Stuffed pepper and fruit salad
DINNER– Spaghetti squash topped with sauce, a little beef mixture, and some chicken.
FEELINGS – Woke up feeling good and a bit reflective over the past few weeks.  My morning workouts are a ME time and today more so than ever I really enjoyed that time.  Going on a head clearing bike ride allows for thoughts to flow through my head.  Nothing specific but just overall life.  I also started reading “It Starts with Food” today.  I should have already read this but I didn’t think I needed to.  I am sure this won’t be my last Whole 30 so this book will come in handy during the end of this round and any future ones I complete.  I can’t say I have that “KILL ALL THINGS” feeling.  I felt great at the end of the day and not really missing much of anything.


DAY 5 WORKOUT – Lauren Gleisberg HIIT and a 4.5 mile bike ride.
BREAKFAST– Eggs and cauliflower rice with roasted potatoes.
LUNCH – 2 Salmon Cakes, a little more of the roasted potatoes, green bean/onion/pepper mix and fruit salad.
DINNER– Shrimp with spaghetti squash and sauce.  Topped this with Flavor God Everything spice.
FEELINGS – In the sense of “KILL ALL THINGS” I wanted to take a bike ride today because I probably would have killed something if I went for a run.  My feeling was to take it easier on this day once again so I did.  After dinner I had a few walnuts for some added fat in the day.  I drank just over 100 oz of water throughout the day.  I felt great during the day.  I did not feel bloated or sick after finishing any meal which is a great thing.  LOVING all of my meals so far.



DAY 6 WORKOUT – 5 Moves from the Tone It Up App, Lauren Gleisberg Premium Ab circuit, and a 3.75 mile struggle run on the beach (at least the last half mile was!)
BREAKFAST– 2 eggs with cauliflower rice and sweet potato/apple hash
LUNCH – Turkey meatballs, cauliflower rice, and sweet potato hash(needed to use this up)
DINNER– Chicken, a little spaghetti squash that was left over, and asparagus with some sauce.
FEELINGS – We started our day at the beach because my husband we to do Trapeze.  We got there early so I could go out for a run.  I wanted to do 3.2 (5k) and once I hit that mark I wanted to quit but I had to keep going.  I flip flopped from running to walking until I got back to where I needed to be.  We spent the rest of our day at the pool where I took a bit of a cat nap.  Living up to the “mantra” for these days.  I did have a little extra snack of cashews and raisins (after lunch) because I was insanely hungry from spending the day outside.


DAY 7 WORKOUT – Lauren Gleisberg workout, TIU App 5 moves, and a 5.5 mile bike ride.
BREAKFAST– Eggs and cauliflower rice, sweet potato hash and a peach
LUNCH – Turkey Meatballs, mixed nuts/trail mix, and a coconut cream Lara Bar
DINNER– Bison Burger with avocado, spinach, red onion & sweet potato fries from Bareburger.
FEELINGS – Breakfast was easy for day 7.  The rest of the day I tried to make it as easy on myself as possible.  We went to the city for the day so I brought my “lunch/snack” with me to keep me satisfied until dinner.  We had 2 options for dinner, one a Mexican restaurant and the other Bareburger.  It was SO hard for me to say there was nothing there I could eat (I didn’t want to make it hard on myself and too tempted to eat my favorite food so I made everyone eat at Bareburger).  FYI it is one of the top Whole30 restaurants when searching online.


Overall from Week 1 I felt great!  I am happy to continue along this journey.  I couldn’t believe how quickly the first week went.  The hardest day was by far Sunday but I made it through.  I had the sweet potato fries because the meat wasn’t enough for me.  It isn’t the best Whole30 item but I never eat fries and it wouldn’t be considered a go to item.  Hoping to have week 2’s recap by Tuesday!


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