Whole 30- Days 8-14 Recap

Back again with a little more of a recap of my Whole 30 Journey!  I am going to recap the same as I did last week as I feel that format is a good fit for this.


Days 8-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie.

I will give a little information about how I felt during these days as they were all in the same category.  Then I will break it down for you.

To say I had BOUNDLESS ENERGY would be a bit of a lie on my part.  I wish I had boundless energy.  I was the complete opposite.  I was exhausted and it had nothing to do with Whole 30.  Over the past month work has been INSANE!  The busiest it has been over the past 3 years I have been working in this office.  I wake up tired and go to bed exhausted!  A couple of days I woke up way too early and jumped up thinking I was late to work.  If that is the energy this can speak of then there you have it!  I couldn’t have been happier that it was a 3 day weekend so I could attempt to relax a bit!  In the end I could have used a 4 or 5 day weekend because it just wasn’t enough time!  Anyone else?!

I have been craving some sort of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles since the start of day 8.  Mind you, I rarely eat ice cream and don’t keep either item in the house.  But something is telling me in my brain that I need to have this!  I have already decided that once I am able to introduce this back into my diet it will be the only thing I want.  I will get more into that once I recap the entire 30 days and what I plan to do after I finish (I already know the answer but I will save something for another day!

DAY 8: NOOO! my pants are TIGHTER!

WORKOUT – Today started round 2 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series.  I am following most of the workouts but not the meal plan because of W30.  I first completed 30 minutes of a Lauren Gleisberg Abs and Legs Routine.  I followed it with the 5 moves 2 time through from the Tone It Up App, Tone It Up Total Body Band and a 2.5 mile run/walk.  I am so glad that my workouts are full and consistent because they keep my mind sane each day.
BREAKFAST – Leftover Egg Frittata from week 1 with salsa and avocado
LUNCH – Turkey Meatballs with green beans, zucchini, and cauliflower rice
DINNER – Zoodles with shrimp and home made sauce.  After dinner I had a little bit of trail mix that I made.
FEELINGS –  I am still feeling great, good, and strong.  I am not having many cravings, just thoughts of food.  Really wanting Halo Top Creamery (like previously stated!) and a Sqaure Organics bar.  If you never had either go out and buy because they are soo good!  Work has been insanely busy so that keeps my mind off of eating and onto work.


DAY 9: NOOO! my pants are TIGHTER!

WORKOUT – Lauren Gleisberg workout followed by a round of Tone It Up Tush It Good and 4th of July Ball workout.  I finished with a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood
BREAKFAST – Sweet potato with coconut oil, topped with 1/4 avocado and 2 hard boiled eggs.
LUNCH – Chicken with cauliflower rice and green beans and a side of fruit salad.
DINNER– Leftover shrimp with green beans/pepper/onion and a little sweet potato hash
FEELINGS – I can not even describe how bloated I felt today.  This was by far the worst Whole 30 symptom to date.  I felt this way starting midday and it was the feeling of I shouldn’t have had anything I ate (as if it was junk food) but everything I ate was healthy and a whole food (just cooked!).  I drank nearly 100 ounces of water because I thought this would help a bit with the bloating.  I wore leggings today and good thing I did because I felt like I would have popped a button if I wore pants.


DAY 10: The Hardest Days

WORKOUT – 5 moves from the Tone It Up App, K&K Slay from Beach Babe 4 (Tone It Up), and a Lauren Gleisberg Premium Abs circuit.  A 4.2 mile bike ride was completed and I hit 600 moved miles for the year!
BREAKFAST – Egg frittata with a little salsa and sweet potato hash with flax seed on top.
LUNCH – Turkey meatballs (dipped in Primal Kitchen Spicy Mayo), green beans/peppers/onions with flax seed and fruit salad
DINNER– Chicken with a little PK Mayo, green beans, and a tiny drop of the sweet potato hash.
FEELINGS –  I added the flax seed because of how bloated I had been feeling.  It certainly helped the bloating as I did not feel it at all today.  I also had a couple of nuts after my workout to fuel my bike ride.



DAY 11: The Hardest Days

WORKOUT – Lauren Gleisberg workout followed by foam rolling and a 2 mile walk/run.  I also got in a 3 mile walk in the evening.
BREAKFAST – sweet potato with coconut oil, avocado and chicken.
LUNCH – turkey meatballs(PK Mayo), cauliflower rice, green bean mix, and fruit salad.
DINNER– pork chop, green beans, and homemade applesauce.
FEELINGS – I had a few nuts in the morning and the evening.  I felt great all day.  Had a busy day at work so once again that helps a ton!  We went out at night to watch the fireworks.  I drank a ton of water.  I also carried an RX bar with me just in case but did not eat it.



DAY 12: I dream of… junk food?

WORKOUT – 5 moves x2 from the Tone It Up App, Total Body Tone Up from Beach Babe 4, and a 4.3 mile ride
BREAKFAST – Sweet potato hash with 2 hard boiled eggs and a little bit of almond butter
LUNCH – pork chop, green beans, and homemade applesauce, mixed nuts with a little dried fruit (we ran out of fresh fruit!)
DINNER– Italian seasoned salmon with green beans.  PK Mayo was used for the salmon also.
FEELINGS –Today I wanted tacos!  I love tacos!  Who doesn’t?  Since I can not have the tacos I want I wore my shirt that says “RUN. RUN LIKE THERE ARE TACOS NEARBY. RUN TO THEM!” from Activate Apparel.   Happy a 3 day weekend was on the horizon!



DAY 13: I dream of… junk food?

WORKOUT – An hour long kettlebell/circuit workout called PCS outdoors!  I came home from this workout and went for a 4.1 mile run.
BREAKFAST – eggs with cauliflower rice and mixed nuts in between the outdoor and run workout since I ate breakfast before I went to the PCS class
LUNCH – Turkey Meatballs and a tiny piece of pork chop with green beans and apple sauce
DINNER– Chicken/spinach sausage, beef burger with W30 Ketchup, green beans and peppers, and a red potato mixed with PK mayo to make a “potato salad” – also for “dessert” I had some fruit and a Pumpkin Spice RX bar
FEELINGS – We went to a bbq for dinner so I brought some stuff knowing they had plain beef burgers that I could eat with it.  I was so good and passed right by the delicious looking pasta salad and the table of desserts.  Both were hard but I survived.  I didn’t sit at the table that had the chips and dip I just kept walking around so I wouldn’t be tempted and always had my water in had.  It wasn’t easy but I felt fantastic.



DAY 14: I dream of… junk food?

WORKOUT – A small Lauren Gleisberg workout and a 7.35 mile bike ride
BREAKFAST – 2 Hard Boiled eggs and a little sweet potato hash that was left with some almond butter on top.
LUNCH – Melissa’s chicken hash
DINNER– Shrimp, asparagus, and roasted potatos
FEELINGS – I sat most of the day at the pool with my sister.  It was insanely relaxing even thought the weather wasn’t pool worthy.  I also came to the realization that I do NOT LIKE asparagus.  I have tried fresh, frozen, seasoned, and unseasoned and just cannot get into eating them.  Oh well, more for you!



As I type this I am getting ready to embark on the last full week of my first ever Whole 30!


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