Whole 30 – Days 15-21 – Recap


Day 15:

Workout – 30 minutes of Lauren Gleisberg Legs, Tone It Up App 5 Moves 2 times, 6 mile bike ride.
Breakfast – 2 eggs + a little extra white with sweet potato blueberry hash.  Loving this one more than the apple I made the previous weeks.
Lunch – Chicken Hash topped with some almond butter from the Whole 30 book and some fruit.
Dinner – Chicken meatballs, green beans and a little cold thai noodles and a little Whole 30 ketchup.
Feeling – This is the halfway mark of this journey.  I am feeling great but all I still want is some ice cream with sprinkles!  That is all 🙂 I was able to relax at the pool today with my husband and sister so that was super relaxing for our 4th of July celebration.  We also saw a ton of fireworks right in our area at night.  We didn’t have to leave our property.



Day 16:

Workout – Lauren Gleisberg Lower body and premium ab circuit, Tone It Up Tush It Good, and a 1.5 mile walk.
Breakfast – 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, avocado, and 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch – Cold Thai Noodles, Roasted Potatoes, and chicken
Dinner – Ratatouille with ground pork patties
Feeling – I was pretty tired today but pushed through everything I needed to get done.  Days are crazy so I have been enjoying my evenings to relax.


Day 17:

Workout – 4.2 mile run, Tone It Up App 5 moves x2, Pool Workout x2, and Lauren Gleisberg Abs
Breakfast – Salmon with sweet potato blueberry hash, avocado, and watermelon
Lunch – Pork Sausage patties with ratatouille and fruit salad
Dinner – Spaghetti squash with homemade sauce and chicken meatballs
Feeling – Super drained from a busy week at work.  Feeling good overall!  When I came home from work I had a few mixed nuts because I was really hungry and we were not eating dinner until late.


Day 18:

Workout – 30 Minute Lauren Gleisberg HIIT Routine, 5 moves from the TIU App 1x, Cardio Abs from Beach Babe 4, Sunkisssed Abs, and a 2.25 mile run/walk
Breakfast – 1/2 small sweet potato with coconut oil, a little avocado, crushed walnuts and 2 hard boiled eggs.
Lunch – Cold thai noodles that I ate hot, roasted potatoes, and shrimp
Dinner – Spaghetti Squash with sauce and a turkey burger from Trader Joe’s.
Feelings – I am so happy that my energy levels are consistent for workouts.  I may be tired but it isn’t because of the workouts.  It is because of how busy I am at work.  Dinner I was originally supposed to have a Chili Lime Chicken Burger from Trader Joe’s but it had way more cilantro in it than I could handle (I do not like this spice at all).  I was hoping the taste would be masked by the chili lime but there was way too much and I couldn’t even take more than a bite.


Day 19:

Workout – 5 moves from the Tone It Up App x2, K&K Slay from Beach Babe 4, and a 4 mile bike ride.
Breakfast – Salmon with Italian seasoning and a little primal kitchen mayo and some sweet potato hash.
Lunch – Cold Thai Noodles, roasted red potatoes, and chicken meatballs
Dinner – 2 pork sausage patties and ratatouille.
Feeling – Intentions were not to go for a bike ride but I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to go for a run so I had to make it work to go where I wanted to go.


Day 20:

Workout – 15 mile bike ride
Breakfast – Chicken Has with almond butter
Lunch –  Ratatouille, sweet potato hash, and scrambled eggs
Dinner – Salmon with green beans, onions, and pepper
Feeling – I had a Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bar before my bike ride.  By far the most delicious protein bar I have ever tasted!  It was the perfect filler up and a great mix of sweet and salty!  Just typing this is making my mouth water…that’s how good it was.  Go get yourself some!  If you don’t like send it to me and I will gladly enjoy it 🙂


Day 21:

Workout – 5k at the Vineyard.
Breakfast – 2 hard boiled eggs and sweet potato blueberry hash
Lunch – Shephard’s pie that I made for the following week
Dinner – Angus burger (just the patty) with sweet potato fries
Feeling – Overall a good day but it had its choice of struggle.  I could have not passed on the unapproved items at the run (bagels, dip for the veggies, WINE!) but I stayed strong and filled my plate with fruit and veggies.  I also brought some mixed nuts with me to eat.  A lady asked me where I got it and how I made my own trail mix.  She was pretty fascinated and it was pretty funny.  I stayed strong because I can and I know I am strong than the temptations.  I also had not much of a desire for those foods but had I not been on W30 I may have went for a bagel – they are a weakness!



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