Whole 30 Cookbook @ Hu Kitchen

There are certain things in life that need no explanation.  Things that you do not need to feel sorry about.  Choices you make that are for the better.

The choice for me to complete my first Whole 30 earlier this year was one of the best decisions I have made.  I have only been questioned about it a couple of times but really did not feel the need to justify my choices.  Other than that I have received so much support from those around me.  In fact, several people I know have done the Whole 30 because they watched me.

I am currently 13 days into my Whole 30 and feeling AMAZING!  Yes,   I am completing one during the holidays.  My body needed it.  Someone last night told me that I e for doing it this time of year.It hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.  I have been sleeping better.  I don’t have to pop Tums  after every meal.  Mostly, my body needed the rest!  I didn’t want to complete a Whole 5, 10, 15 or whatever.  I wanted to do the entire thing.  Start to finish the best I could.  Nearly halfway done I do not regret it one bit!

About a month ago my friend Monica shared with me an event in NYC for the release of the Whole 30 Cookbook at Hu Kitchen. The event included dinner and the cookbook.  I signed up almost immediately after hearing about it.

Last night, I trekked into the city and of course it was raining!  We made our way to Hu Kitchen on 86th Street.  They had the upstairs closed off to those at the event.  It was limited to about 80 people.  When we got to the top of the stairs we were given gift bag filled with a bunch of Whole 30 approved items.  We were given a copy of the cook book to later be signed, a tub of Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins, an RXBar (I got apple cinnamon), Epic Bar and Bits, LaCroix Sparkling Water, NutPod, Tessemae‘s seasoning, and a couple of sample classes from City Row, Soul Cycle, Y7, and MNDFL.


We took our seats and Melissa Hartwig was walking around and chatting with people.  Soon after we were told to start lining up for dinner.  It was buffet style.

The first item up was Chia pudding and Organic Mint Tea.  I haven’t prepped this while doing any Whole 30 because I feel it is a super treat but it was so good and I may just make it for next week.

Next up was raw veggies (green beans, carrots, radish, cauliflower, broccoli, and celery), cauliflower hummus, and kale salad.  The cauliflower hummus was AMAZING!  I couldn’t even tell that it was not a traditional hummus.  It was so good I had to go up for more.

The last table was the “main course”  which included meatloaf, turkey sliders, roasted sweet potatoes, and broccoli.  I had to try it all!  I wish these items were from the Whole 30 books because they were insanely tasty.  The meatloaf is part of the Hu Kitchen menu but I do not believe the rest were.

100% grass-fed ground beef, wild elk, Berkshire pork, org egg, onion,
garlic, parsley, cumin, org housemade BBQ sauce (contains dried chili,
paprika, garlic, onion), cayenne pepper
After dinner the founder of Hu, Jordan, introduced Melissa and she spoke as well as answered a few questions.  When finished it will time for the book signing.  My friend, her sister, and I sat at our table rather than waiting in line for others to get their book signed.  We ended up meeting a girl at this point who has been on a Whole 30 for a year and a half.  She even continued doing it while pregnant!  I give her a lot of credit.  It can be hard sometimes but the hard times make you that much stronger.
We finally made our way to the line and were chatting with the publishers and then finally Melissa.  She is such an inspiring person who I am lucky to have now met twice.  She remembered me from the previous event and even more so after I showed her the photo that she photobombed!  We chatted for a few minutes and spoke of my mom completing a W30 and also these delicious gluten filled cookies she posted on social the other day.

Our wonderful photobomb!

I had such a wonderful time.  To be surrounded with like-minded people, eat food I know would not hurt my body and own a cook book that I can not WAIT to use!
In life surround yourself with those that make you a better person.  You deserve it for yourself!

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