Whole 30 – Week 1 – Meal Recap

I am going to do this recap a little differently than my first Whole 30.  I didn’t do it for my second because I kind of decided last minute and I didn’t take many pics/keep much record of what I ate.

For those who are currently completing the January Whole 30 what are some meals you are making?  What has been your favorite so far?  For those who would like to complete one I hope that my meal guide helps you out a bit.  When I finish this one I will post each weeks menu sheet that I made as well as the tracker I made for food, water, and workouts.

Day 1 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Egg muffins (Whole 30 cookbook), topped with Whole 30 ketchup and avocado, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil & raisins, green beans
M2 – Italian Meatball Soup from the cookbook (I did puree the broth because I don’t like chunky tomatoes) and then added in the meatballs with a side of apple sauce
M3 – Spaghetti Squash with sauce and shrimp

Day 2 –
M1 – Sweet Potato with Eating Evolved unsweetened coconut butter, 2 hard boiled eggs, coconut shavings, and cashews
M2 – Butternut Squash soup from the Tone It Up Look for Love Plan.  I replaced the lentils with diced chicken to make it good for the Whole 30 and a side of mixed roasted veggies.
M3 – Spaghetti squash with zucchini, shrimp and sauce

Day 3 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Egg muffins (Whole 30 cookbook), topped with Whole 30 ketchup and avocado, roasted potatoes, Skinny Taste Mexican Cauliflower Rice & almonds
M2 – Tuna with Primal Kitchen Mayo on sweet potato toast with some avocado, roasted veggies and an apple with almond butter.
M3 – Salmon made with Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing and a little Lemon Garlic Flavor God seasoning paired with green beans and carrots

Day 4 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Egg muffins with avocado & ketchup, Mexican Cauliflower Rice, roasted potatoes and apple sauce with a few raisins
M2 – Butternut Squash Soup, roasted veggies & strawberries
M3 – Tone It Up Sweet Potato Bake made added carrots, green beans and chicken
Snacks – Pumpkin Spice RXbar (pumpkin is no longer available as it is seasonal)

Day 5 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Egg muffins with ketchup & avocado, green bean mix & roasted potatoes
M2 – Butternut squash soup, green beans, and an apple
M3 – Last night’s leftovers from the Sweet Potato Bake

Day 6 –
M1 – Sweet potato power bowl with avocado, 2 hard boiled eggs, coconut, Eating Evolved unsweetened Coconut Butter
M2 – Sweet potato toast with coconut cream and tuna with the primal kitchen may, green beans.  Side of strawberries & blueberries with coconut cream (so good but probably on the SWYPO list!)
M3 – Chicken Marbella from the Whole 30 cookbook and leftover veggies from the week
Snacks – whole cooking – carrots and dates

Day 7 –
M1 – Leftover salmon from during the week with some leftover potatoes and veggies
M2 – Butternut Squash Soup with little coconut cream and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
M3 – Chicken Marbella from the previous night and leftover veggies.
Snacks – Blueberry RX bar and 1 Whole 30 compliant chicken wing (my husband made!)


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