Whole 30 Recap – Days 22-30

Each time I complete a Whole 30 I learn new things.  This round is no different.  I am not going to share that in this post but just recap what I ate.  You will see some new things here so take a guess at what I have learned 🙂

Day 22 –
M1 – Salmon Cakes topped with Primal Kitchen May, Moroccan Cauliflower Rice, Potatoes roasted in OMGhee
M2 – Sweet Potato Enchiladas, Green Bean & Pepper mix and an apple
M3 – Roasted Chicken Thigh, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Carrot & Jicama Reoulade with HOMEMADE Whole 30 approved mayo.
Snack – mixed nuts after dinner


Day 23 –
M1 – 2 Tex Mex Chicken Fritatta Muffins topped with Ketchup and 1/4 Avocado, Moroccan Cauliflower Rice, and potatoes roasted in OMGhee.
M2 – Leftover Spicy Cod with Green Beans and an Apple
M3 – Chicken Drumstick with a little bit of roasted fingerling potatoes and some of the Carrot & Jicama Remoulade.
Snack – I had mixed nuts prior to M1 because I had to take a physical and didn’t want to eat a full meal before so I had this while I was waiting for some things to be done.


Day 24 –
M1 – Salmon Cakes topped with homemade mayo, roasted potatoes in OMGhee, and Moroccan Cauliflower Rice
M2 – Deconstructed sweet potato enchilada.  I put the meat mixture over some zucchini noodles with extra sauce and the sweet potato had 1/4 avocado.  I had an apple as well with M2
M3 –Rib Eye Steak from Trader Joes with green beans and peppers.


Day 25 –
M1 – 3 Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Muffins topped with ketchup and avocado, Moroccan Cauliflower Rice, and roasted potatoes
M2 – Roasted Chicken thigh over green beans and peppers with a side of carrot/jicama remoulade.  I also had an apple with almond butter
M3 – Zucchini noodles with sauce and almond crusted chicken.  On the side was a few slices of caramelized pears.


Day 26 –
M1 – Salmon cakes topped with homemade mayo, 1 hard boiled egg, and some Moroccan Cauliflower rice.
M2 – Zoodles with Sauce, Almond Crusted Chicken and roasted potatoes
M3 – Burger patty  wtih 1/2 avocado and ketchup and a side of sweet potato fries
Snack – when I got home from work I had nuts and carrots


Day 27 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Muffins with avocado and ketchup, Moroccan Cauliflower Rice, and Roasted Potatoes
M2 – Sweet Potato with Enchilada filling and some carrots
M3 – 2 Hard Boiled eggs made into egg salad with some added flax seed and baby carrots.
Had a really bad stomach ache so sadly I had to take a couple of Tums later in the day because I was up and out all day and couldn’t be less than 100%


Day 28 –
M1 – Salmon Cakes topped with flax seed, roasted potatoes, and the rest of my remoulade
M2 – Almond crusted chicken with green beans and peppers
M3 – Chicken leg with roasted potatoes and green beans and peppers
Snack – small bag of mixed nuts


Day 29 –
M1 – Tex Mex Chicken Frittata Muffins, Moroccan Cauliflower Rice, roasted potatoes
M2 – Chicken Salad made with leftover chicken, homemade mayo, and shredded carrots on sweet potato toast.  I had some more carrots on the side and an apple
M3 – Sofrito chicken with green beans and peppers


Day 30 –
M1 – Salmon cakes topped with mayo, cauliflower rice and roasted potatoes
M2 – Sweet Potato toast with the rest of the enchilada filling, green bean pepper mix and an apple
M3 – 2 hard boiled eggs and a few pieces of roasted potato.


That is the end of my January Whole 30.  More to come with my reintorduction phase and where I will be taking my meals.  I plan to also share some of my takeaways/go to things from doing the Whole 30 so keep your eyes open.


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