Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets

A while ago I shared with you my favorite kitchen tools.  I have been wanting to bring this post of my Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets (electric) for a while now but Whole 30 life got in the way.  I am certainly NOT complaining about that because it has taught me so much about food and about myself.


  1. Vitamix – Right before we moved into our home my husband and I were watching vitamixQVC and the Vitamix was the featured product during the segment.  I think we may have spent nearly an hour watching this.  They basically convinced us that we NEED to own this.  I had been wanting one for a while but the price tag is pretty steep.  QVC had a slight discount and my mom wanted to gift us “part” of it as a future housewarming gift.  Of course I originally ordered a purple one but it was sadly defective so we now own a teal one.  This happens to match insanely well with our kitchen so I was not completely devastated (real life problems!  HAHA!).
    The Vitamix is an amazing item to have in the kitchen.  It is so versatile. I haven’t tried out everything this powerful machine can do but I know I have the option.  I have made almond and peanut butter.  I most recently made mayo in it for my Whole 30. It purees, it blends, it chops, it juices, and it can make soups hot and ice cream!  I need to try out the whole ice cream thing one day.
    If you want a little splurge go get yourself a Vitamix!  You will NOT be disappointed.
  2. Crockpot – This little wonder has come in so handy for me.  It is the set it and forget crockpotit machine.  I have made chili, chickens, pulled pork, roasts, soups and other things in my crockpot.  I love that I can leave something cooking during the day while at work or at night when sleeping.  Everything I have made in the crock pot comes out DELICIOUS!  Whether you can or think you can not cook you should have one of these.  They are so easy to use and clean.  Mine even has a warming setting so that if it finishes and I am not home it will stay warm until I am ready to use the contents.
  3. Immersion Blender – If you don’t wantimmersion-blender to take out a big Vitamix/blender get yourself one of these handheld wonders!  If I have soup cooking in the crock pot or some on the stove top I let it finish cooking and then put this machine to work.    Use this for quick and easy cleanup as well as a fast results.  Mine also comes with a whisk attachment and a mini chopper.
  4. vegettiSpiralizer (not electric but a FANTASTIC gadget!) – I originally had the standard handheld Vegetti but I was wasting so much of the product.  I would end up chopping several inches of a zucchini and adding it to the mix.  It was better than just throwing out but takes away from my beloved zucchini noodles or “zoodles.”  When we got married I upgraded to a real spiralizer.  This one is called the Vegetti Pro and leaves not much waste.  I use it frequently.  I have really only made zoodles with it but would love to try Sweet Potato or Carrots in it.  My favorite “low carb” tool I own.
  5. Stand Mixer – I used to use this ALL THE TIME!  Before I was so interested in health mixerand fitness I was very interested in baking and eating all sorts of delicious treats.  One of the best cookie recipes is in the recipe book that comes with the Kitchen-Aid.  When I moved out of my parents house this was one thing I wanted to take but my sister wanted to keep it.  In the end I wasn’t complaining because I went from a white one to a beautiful plum/purple one!  I haven’t used it much over the past year but I know it is there when I need to make cookies, dough, or anything else that I desire.  It is a bit of an investment like the Vitamix but it is SO worth it!  The Kitchen-Aid comes in so many different colors and styles.
  6. Hand Mixer – If you don’t want to take out the big stand mixer or don’t have the space for it this is a great thing to keep on hand.  It will do the same thing as the stand mixer.
  7. griddlerGriddler – I originally put this on my registry because it was a “panini maker” – would you like to know how many paninis we have made on it? If you guessed 0 that is correct!  One day before we redid our kitchen I told my husband we should take this out and use it to cook on to get a more grilled taste to food.  We ended up using this to make so many different things including all sorts of meat, pancakes, eggs, and anything else we could put on it.
  8. Wine Fridge – It doesn’t need to be a big one but you should have one in your home.   No need to say more about this 🙂
  9. Keurig – This is great to have in the house because you can make coffee or get yourself a cup of hot water for tea.  I think you can now get many other products to make with this machine.
  10. Waffle Iron – You can never go wrong with awaffle waffle for breakfast!  There are so many different options when it comes to waffle makers.  All sorts of shapes and sizes.  Don’t like waffles?  No problem.   Do a search online and see all the delicious things you can make in your iron.  Mine has so much use the display text is no longer visible.  The other great thing is that items cook in under 5 minutes.

What are some of your favorite kitchen appliances?  Leave a note in the comments!


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