Mandi Elyse is 30 year old recently married girl from Long Island, New York.

She loves fitness and waking up at 6am every day to exercise.  This is something she has done for over two years.  Call her crazy but it gets her day going.  She does not belong to a gym so all workouts are done in the comfort of her living room or out on the streets where she lives.  Mandi has dipped her toes into many different workout programs but her favorite is the Tone It Up lifestyle and workout regime.  She is always looking into other workouts and does use them at times including but not limited to – BlogilatesKayla Itsines, Lauren Gleisberg, Beach Body (no I am not a coach and will not sell you anything! :)),  and a few other online workouts. The reason she mainly follows TIU is because of the amazing sense of community and the attitude of her trainers Karena & Katrina!  Mandi enjoys running and going for a bike ride.  She considers this her therapy session where she can think about all that is going on.  Over the past 2 years has completed 4 half marathons and hopes to continue doing them.  As of this moment she has no plans for a full.

She loves to eat and cook!  Mandi loves kitchen gadgets and will probably share some of her favorites with you.  Now that she is married and has her own home she has A LOT!  She lives a pescetarian lifestyle although she was, for most of her life, a meat eater and dipped her toes in a vegetarian lifestyle.  Mandi loves all things pumpkin (except beer & coffee) and has a hard time saying no to her sweet tooth!  She does however try to live a mostly healthy lifestyle living 80/20.

Mandi loves things that are different and does not like to be that ordinary person.  This can usually be seen in her shoe collection particularly with her Converse.  She has about 15 pairs and even wore purple high-tops down the aisle. Yes, you read that correctly!  Why be just like everyone when you could be different?


Why Fitness & Health?

My journey started nearly two years ago and like most people food is a very social thing.   I would choose to eat what I wanted rather than what I should be eating.  This somewhat small decision ended up being my biggest downfall.  Food became my enemy until I realized what was going on.   After finding out what was wrong (severe acid reflux) I changed my lifestyle.  The foods I once LOVED to eat were no longer being eaten and instead other foods appeared on my plate.   As a result I lost and little bit of weight and felt great.

Exercise had always been a word in my vocabulary but not nearly to the extent it is today.   Running is something I never thought I could do until I gave it a try.  Now it has become my vice.  I love the adrenaline rush I get when my feet touch the pavement.  Exercising is now something I speak of everyday.

What made start this blog and want to help others?  I was constantly (in a good way) being asked questions pertaining to how I lost weight, what I eat, or what type of exercising I partake in.   I want to be able to inspire and even help others as much as possible.




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