Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been wanting to make paleo chocolate chip cookies for a while now (since I finished my January Whole 30) but time has not permitted.  This past weekend while meal prepping I tossed some ingredients together and prayed for the best!

The cookies came out a little crumbly but REALLY delicious (in my opinion!).  You will have to try it out for yourself to see how you like them.

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Travel Full

I wanted to get this typed and posted prior to traveling for my honeymoon or even while away when we had some downtime but neither were possible.  Downtime in front of my computer was not much and I was too busy getting things ready before we left.

I was out of the country for 2 weeks in Israel and Rhodes, Greece.  I knew I would have healthier options being in the Mediterranean region but wanted to make sure I had other snacks and items to eat that were normal to my diet while we were out and about.  I also wanted to make sure I would be set for a workout each day.  I packed lightly with some things that I will talk about after the food I brought.

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Top Trader Joe’s Items

It has been a little time since my last post.  I have since PR’d in a half and finished it just under 2 hours.  Couldn’t have been happier with that accomplishment.

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Feel Amazing Every Day

I am always one to try out a new product.  Particularly when it is something that will improve my health and wellness.

Recently I was sent (thank you Sweat Pink/Fit Approach!) a beautiful gift basket with the following items – Amazing Grass Protein Superfood in Chocolate Peanut Butter, Amazing Grass Mason Jar with glass straw, Prana Yoga Towel, and an Amazing Grass reusable tote bag.  When I found out I was selected for the Amazing Grass Campaign I was pretty excited.  When it arrived and included more than just the protein I was so surprised.  I have a huge stash of mason jars and love using them for my smoothies and other food related storage.
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Quinoa Crispies

I can say for certain that I was not always a fan of quinoa.  When I first tried it I could barely stomach it.  I looked around trying to figure out ways to make it taste better.  I looked for ways that I could not eat it.  Maybe find something else that was as good of a selection.  I found cooking it with a broth made it taste better but rarely do that anymore.  I did not find much that was healthier so that option was down the drain. Continue reading

Perfect Fit Almond Cacao Raisin Bites

Last Thursday evening I had the honor of once again meeting the two ladies who inspire me every single day to wake up, workout, and make me want to be a better person.  For those who aren’t sure who I am talking about that would be Karena & Katrina from Tone It Up.

*I did not have a post up last week due to family things going on.  I am still going to be sticking to at least once a week (this week I will shoot for 2 to make up for missing!)

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Perfect Fit Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Crunch Bites

Today I got cooking in the kitchen and knew that I wanted to come up with something tasty to give my workouts some extra fuel this week until I can find a new pre-workout in stores since I am almost out of my BeFit.  After finishing my meals for the week I looked at a few different recipes but didn’t see anything I REALLY wanted to make or didn’t have all the ingredients.

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