Travel Full

I wanted to get this typed and posted prior to traveling for my honeymoon or even while away when we had some downtime but neither were possible.  Downtime in front of my computer was not much and I was too busy getting things ready before we left.

I was out of the country for 2 weeks in Israel and Rhodes, Greece.  I knew I would have healthier options being in the Mediterranean region but wanted to make sure I had other snacks and items to eat that were normal to my diet while we were out and about.  I also wanted to make sure I would be set for a workout each day.  I packed lightly with some things that I will talk about after the food I brought.

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TIU Bikini Series Success 5 Ways

This was never intended to be one of my posts but I was completely inspired by the Lane Bryant #ThisBody campaign that I shared on my Instagram this morning.  I had never heard of the campaign before this past weekend when I ran my half.  They were giving out tshirts and I am so glad I took one because it really is inspiring!

The shirt says “THIS BODY IS MADE FOR _________”.  Some of the things I listed were

Let’s Run!

I get a lot of mixed opinions when I tell someone I enjoy running half marathons or running in general.  I enjoy the open roads and air.  I enjoy that little time to myself to reflect and think of things.  I enjoy the sun shining down (sometimes it isn’t but that is okay!).  Experiencing the elements is so important.  I enjoy testing my limits whether it be a new course, faster time, or greater distance.

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WOSS Suspension Trainer Workout

What is a Tone It Up girl to do when their website is down because of Bikini Series excitement? Use her WOSS suspension trainer of course!  I don’t use this thing enough and I really should.  It only requires me to walk over to the bedroom door and close it.  I pick the moves I want to do and how many reps I want and get going.  I completed this workout and then went for a nice run in the rain! Continue reading